Sample Business Services Quote

Thanks a ton for your interest. Here’s an example package of video and photo services, pricing, and what’s included.

so let’s just say…

That you’re looking for a video and photo package just like this one:

Here’s What’s Included:

pre-shoot strategy consultation to hone in on the direction of the video & photos

shooting and editing time

final video (in this case, roughly 4 minutes long) with unlimited usage

web resolution images with unlimited usage

3 print resolution images with unlimited usage

post-shoot viewing and strategy consultation to ensure your satisfaction and the strategy for the content

opportunity to design and purchase wall art and printed photo products for business and/or personal use at post-shoot viewing session

shooting time involved:

For this particular project, about 6 hours of shooting time was involved. This was an interview only video, for most projects B-Roll (non-interview footage) is included.

Here’s how much this Particular package would cost:


Each project is different and highly custom in nature, and price is subject to change at any time. There are multiple factors taken into account to calculate a quote and it’s not determined by shoot time alone.

What’s the real value of video and photo services?

For starters, this particular video was used to raise tens of thousands of dollars for this charity at their annual benefit dinner.

Media that is well done, cohesive, and tells your brand, business, or organizations story and values translates into deeper relationships with your clients, followers, fans, and customers which then translates into more sales and funds raised.

On top of elevating your brand and deepening relationships, your video and photos are a celebration of everything you’ve worked so hard for. This experience is meant to be deeply personal, being an expression, translation, and preservation of your purpose and calling in this life.

We are living in the age of story and of connection - your story is waiting to be told and heard.

Let’s get started on your quote.