Local Feature: The Big Yellow Barn • El Dorado Hills Family Photographer


A few weeks ago I took August to this awesome event at The Big Yellow Barn in El Dorado Hills. It's called a Pet and Play, and when I got there my friend's daughter was basically acting as a shepherd to two sheep. It was hilarious! The kids were running around petting the sheep, the sheep were running around trying to follow the food as closely as they could. They had a little table for arts and crafts run by Wild Roze Designs, snacks and lemonade for the kids, a bunny and some little chicks, and best of all - coffee and cookies in a quiet space for parents!

The Big Yellow Barn is set on a serene piece of land in El Dorado Hills. With multiple areas best suited for a variety of events and classes - this particular event, Pet and Play, is part of a much larger vision for The Big Yellow Barn.

Debra Farinacci-Sclare, the owner of The Big Yellow Barn, says in her own words: "The Big Yellow Barn is a grassroots outreach birthed from a vision I had in my early twenties. The dream was set aside for a bit as I did life as a mom and wife. However, it quickly came back to life as I stumbled upon this amazing property, late 2016. My access to this land has been that of miracle and generosity. So, as I create this unique venue for our community to utilize, its true purpose is to become a place where Nature, Family, Children, Animals, Spirit, Laughter, Food and SO much more, Collides."

Her goal as a nonprofit is to serve families and organizations in need by allowing them to utilize her space for free and discounted events, including Birthday Parties, Weddings, and more.

More from Debra: "I move forward with this project knowing that I am offering the same miracle and generosity that I have received. Freely you have received; freely give. ~Matthew 10:8"

Their next Pet and Play event is on July 6th - don't miss it! You can keep up with this awesome organization via their Facebook page.

I love what you're doing Debra! Keep it up!