My Photoshoot Philosophy • El Dorado Hills Family Photographer


In short, my philosophy is this: come as you are.


Well, ok, let’s clarify that a little, because I obviously don’t want anyone showing up to a shoot in their pajamas. (Our pre-shoot consultation will clear up any wardrobe confusion, anyways)



When I say “come as you are” I’m talking more about your family’s unique combination of personalities. Also, I’m speaking about the specific season that you’re all in together!



It’s so easy to create expectations about your photoshoot day, and then get anxious over whether or not your family will live into those expectations.



I know you probably want your kids to behave and you probably want your family to be picture perfect on your picture day. But seriously, take this to heart: no one is perfect.



And I just want to let you know a couple things about some of my (and my clients’) favorite photos:


  • They feature children who aren’t smiling

  • The feature a candid, authentic moment between family members

Don’t get me wrong - I go to great lengths and make myself look very silly sometimes in order to make children smile. I will interject, pose, rearrange when necessary. But I have to say, there is a certain magic that happens when I’m able to fade into the background and my subjects are just focused on each other. Or in solo portraits when they’re just being themselves.


That’s why I’m doing this in the first place, right? I want to capture your genuine connection and personality in order to give you something truly unique and meaningful.



So, when it comes to the day of the shoot, remember to relax. I know how insane it is trying to get any amount of children ready to do anything. In the midst of that chaos, soak it all in. This is supposed to be your special time to celebrate and memorialize your family.



Focus on really connecting. Focus on what you love about them. Focus on celebrating them for who they are and the amazing love they have added to your life.



The moments that are created from that mindset are better than anything I could possibly manufacture.



And don’t forget! You’ll be prepared for all of the details during our pre-shoot consultation.



One of my favorite non-smiling photos from a recent shoot. His momma loved this one too!

One of my favorite non-smiling photos from a recent shoot. His momma loved this one too!