Zach, Sadie, and Cedar's Maternity Photo Session • Home Studio Session • El Dorado Hills Family Photographer


I love my relationship with Zach and Sadie. I've known Zach since middle school (that's like 13 years guys) and Sadie and I have always clicked. We bonded after Sadie's first birth with their daughter Cedar. Sadie was going for a home birth but unfortunately, it didn't go as planned and she ended up having an emergency C-section. I had also planned a home birth and had an emergency C-section as well, and I was super happy when Sadie reached out to me for support. There's always lots of emotions when things go right (healthy baby) and wrong (definitely didn't want a C-section) at the same time!

That was almost two years ago now. I'm super proud of this strong mama because she's going for an all-natural birth again. She's fully invested in creating the birth that she wants and his been placing all of her intentions and prayers in the direction of a redemptive birth experience.

Zach and Sadie are expecting a little boy, named Salem, in just a couple months. We planned a shoot for when Sadie was about 30 weeks pregnant, but it was raining! So I did something I haven't done in a long time: I rigged up a studio backdrop in my house. I'm lucky enough to have amazing light in my house, and I'm super happy with how these came out!

Bonus: Cedar and August being total goofballs!


Aren't they hilarious? It's SO much fun seeing my kid and my friends kids, be friends. The best.

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