If you’re anything like me, your why has to do with connection

I haven’t always been an artist or a photographer/videographer. But I’ve always been a people person.

There are two times in my life where I felt so vulnerable I could hardly stand it: first, after I had my son. Second, after I started my business. Putting something out into the world takes serious guts. I’m determined to connect with and serve people who are doing just that.

I’m Jenny, I’m a mom and a creative business owner, and I honestly can’t wait to hear your story.



After an idyllic childhood in the suburbs of San Francisco, I went to photography school at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. After graduating without a darn clue about what I wanted to do with my photography and videography, I pursued other interests (read: acroyoga) and had my son about a year and a half after graduating.


I’m currently raising my son and growing my business in Pilot Hill, California, near Sacramento. I live in the country now and have a love for all the wildlife we see out here, especially the peacocks! My days start at 5:30am (ish) with coffee and prayer and usually end with dinner with my parents.


My vision for Kinship is to open a studio/client meeting space/workspace/maybe even a little bit of a boutique, that also serves as a community hub. I envision hosting viewing parties for films I make, networking events, gallery showings with local artists, workshops and classes, all of it!


becoming a mom changed the game

I became a mother at 24, unexpectedly. My little guy changed my world, flipped my priorities, and has made me question everything I thought I knew about myself - in the best way. August is three years old now and his dad and I are in a long distance relationship. I know, I can’t believe it either.


Why Kinship?

kin·ship /ˈkinˌSHip/ noun

  1. blood relationship.

  2. a sharing of characteristics or origins.

Truthfully, we’re all kin. We all have the same source. Through sharing and preserving our stories, our kinship is celebrated.


Want to know more? Don’t be shy!