Videography, photography, and printed products for purpose-driven small business owners and families.


I help you tell your unique story and communicate your why so that you can connect with those who truly matter to you; from your potential clients to your own family.


Business services

Your clients and potential clients want to know you.


Family Services

Your house may feel like chaos sometimes, but make no mistake: your family is your legacy.


About Kinship POrtrait Co.

Who’s writing this, anyways? Learn more about Jenny, the creative behind Kinship Portrait Co.


kind words

“Jenny Hirsohn is an extremely focused and talented human. She flows all that energy into her work as a photographer. Not only is she a loving and caring person to be around, she genuinely wants to help others and give you the best experience for your family.” - Morgan


core values:

I believe that everyone has a purpose.

I believe that we are all meant to contribute to a greater good.

I believe that we all crave meaningful connection.

I believe that our legacy is larger than we will ever truly know.

I believe that we all have a story that is worth being told, shared, and passed on, no matter how we may perceive our current chapter.

I believe that photography and videography can be meaningful, fun, AND non-cheesy.


let’s tell your story in a way that truly connects

Nervous to talk on the phone? Don’t be, I’m nice. And I’m probably nervous, too, so there’s that.